Cycling: LOS LOCOS CYCLISTS 50+km Group
Time - 09:30
Week - Fourth
Day - Tuesday
Venue - Various
Group Coordinators
First NameSurname
Andy's Amble with Los Locos26 Nov 201909:45
The group would wish to encourage members who feel the need to push themselves to accomplish rides that are up to and longer than 50 kilometres. Include climbs that are challenging and travel on tracks that require a level of bike handling skills not required by other cycling groups.

The level of rides will be up to the highest level  as set out in the cycling guidelines.

As with any group all efforts will be made to not endanger the wellbeing of members but the rides will be quite hard work and not a walk in the park!.

if you feel up to the challenge then please contact me to join and enjoy!

Speak soon

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