Cycling: CYCLING FOR PLEASURE 25-30km Group
Time - 10:00
Week - First
Day - Friday
Venue - Different Meeting Place each Event
Group Coordinators
First NameSurname
John & Janes Pleasant Pedal from Palafrugell14 May 202110:00

Insurance: Please note that participation in all U3A events is at the participant's own risk, as we do not provide                              insurance for event participants.  We do have third party insurance cover in place which covers any                             claims made against us by others.
                          Please bring your Catsalut or EHIC card or details of your private health insurance policy.                                                                                                                                                                                              

Venue: We meet to cycle off at different places decided by the event organiser.
                Details of each ride are notified at least 7 days in advance.

Meeting Exceptions:
Traditionally in July the U3A Cycle Groups do their rides and then meet up for a BBQ & pool party.
In December each cycle group does a festive cycle followed by a joint celebratory meal.

                  NO meetings in August.

Safety & consideration for our members:
             For their own safety all u3a Cyclists are asked to wear helmets.
               Within our group we inevitably have a wide range of age & cycling ability.
                Experienced cyclists, post retirement members who cycle for pleasure,
               experienced e-bike cyclists & some who have recently acquired e-bikes.
               We are also delighted to welcome members of other U3A cycling groups to join us on our rides.

               ALL are welcome, we simply ask that everyone appreciates the range of age & ability within our                  members therefore we cycle at a 'Pleasurable Pace' (that of our non e-bike colleagues)
              We ask that even though individuals may be capable of cycling faster that the group stay behind the leader. 
              On the rare occasion that routes take us on short stretches of busy roads, we cycle in groups of 5 or 6                     leaving a  space of 2 car lengths between each cycle group.
              To ensure we all 'follow the correct route' at each turn off, the leader will ask a member to remain on the
              corner until all the group have passed. 

            Please note that  Cycling for Pleasure cover up to Level 5 routes.
            Click on the Link to the 'U3A Costa Brava Cycling Guidelines' at the top of this page.
            Level 5 (Slight inclines up to 5% (5 metres rise in 100m)

            There is a link to the U3A cycling Guidelines at the top of the Website ‘Event Page.’
Web sites like Plotaroute, Mapometer & Wikiloc are useful to record & check route difficulty.
          To view details of many of the routes the group have enjoyed:
select 'Members Archives'    'Cycling For Pleasure' 
The last 4 years include Web links to maps of the routes.
p to 2020 the group used to meet twice a month.
With the growing numbers of E-bike members it was decided to have
one Cycling for Pleasure and 2 E-Bike events per month.

 Our friendly group's aims are:

  • To cycle at a pleasurable pace.
  • To take advantage of as many off road cycle tracks and C class roads as possible.
  • To avoid steeper terrain.
  • Seek to explore different areas of the beautiful countryside.
  • Take a previously tested fairly circular route.
  • Passing through a point of interest or village where the group can take the opportunity to pause for breath and browse.
  • If possible the starting/finishing point is at a parking place near a restaurant offering a reasonable `Menu del Dia.'
The participating members should then feel free to prolong the social activity through lunch, or continue on their way to other commitments.
The rides tend to be a complete trip of no more than 3 1/2  hours total (including sight seeing and refreshment stops.)
In order to vary the cycle rides we meet at different points.
Many of our members contribute to discovering new rides and leading the group.
It is necessary to transport bikes on or in cars.
If any of you should need to purchase cycle racks we have found the cycle racks from Decathlon or Norauto are reasonably priced.

CYCLING for PLEASURE January to July 2021

Jan 7th




Palafrugell / Llofriu

Feb 5th

Mike and Sandy


March 5th

Ken and Ethel

L 6


BAIX Emp’ Monells Canapost

March 5th

Mike & Sandy

L 6


ALT Emp’ Ventallo Camallera

April 2nd



April 30th
5th Friday

Alan and Jenny

 L 6


Flaca Colomers Gauses St J Desevals

May 7th

John & Jane Chapman

 L 5


Palafrugell  Pals

June 4th

Andy and Joan


Joint Cycle Event


Aug 6th

Sept 3rd

Oct 1st

Nov 5th


Joint Cycle Event


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