Walking BRAVAS MEDIUM 8-10 Group
Time - 10:00
Week - Second
Day - Wednesday
Venue - Various
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Walking is wonderful in our part of Catalunya, and our monthly walks take us into quiet lanes, fields and forests, along magnificent coastlines, rivers and streams and sometimes into the mountains where we see medieval villages, castles, monasteries, carpets of spring flowers, a wide range of birds and the occasional wild animal. We talk all the time and laugh a lot - and the medics tell us that the activity is good for us because it gets the heart pumping vigorously without straining the system, oils the joints and fills our lungs with the pure air of this beautiful part of Spain. Our walks are on the second Wednesday of each month and open to Bravas members with priority given to those who agree to lead a walk during the following twelve months and those who have led medium walks in the previous 12 months. Each walk is limited to 25, and we walk at a steady pace and take short breaks about once an hour, our walks are between 8 and 10 kilometres in length. The walk organiser leads from the front and the backstop supports slower walkers at the rear. Cameras and binoculars are welcome and we encourage mobile phones to keep in contact in case someone gets lost. Details of each walk are published in advance, guests are welcome, on request to the event organiser, provided that the walk is not full. Please note that participation in all U3A events is at the participant's own risk, as we do not provide insurance for event participants. We do have third party insurance cover in place which covers any claims made against us by others. Please bring your Catsalut or EHIC card, and details of any private health insurance policy you may hold  Every member should expect to lead a walk at least once every couple of years, this can be one of your favourite walks because if you like it then it is guaranteed the rest of the group will also enjoy it. At the start of each year I will ask for volunteers to lead walks, prior to the month you have chosen I will send you a reminder email along with the template to be completed and returned to me 3 weeks before the event date. Make sure the template is completed with as much detail as possible, referring to the walking guidelines for level of difficulty. Don’t worry if you have problems I am here to help. Once the event is posted you will receive emails as members sign on.

 Bravas Walking Calendar 2022

January 12th


L’Escala Muntanya Gran Montgri

February 9th


 Rio Ter from Colomers 

March 9th

 Sue & Roger

  La Pera to Flaca circular

April 13th

Jonathan & Shirley HJORTH


May 11th

Antony & Margaret 


June 8thth

Patrick and Annick


July 13th



September 14th

 Mark Duran



 Robbie and Lisa Woods


November 9th



December 14th




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