Walking: Hill Walks 8 - 10kms Group
Time - 10:00
Week - First
Day - Thursday
Venue - Various
Group Coordinators
Keith Davies
Lynda Davies
Hill Walk Rupit08 Sep 202210:15
This group is slightly different to the other walking groups as we intend to walk for approximately 8- 10 km but with significant hills with height gains of between 200 –500 m which will allow us to see the fantastic views that our area offers. To accomplish this the walk may include a bit of a scramble and some edges, but as always each walk will be described in detail.
Over the year the walks will be spread over the area from Sant Feliu in the south up to the French Border, taking in the Cami de Ronda, the hills at Palau Saverdera/ Cap Creus, the Gavarres, the Ardenya and many more areas to be discovered by the group.
The walks are ½ day in duration followed by a (optional) Menu del dia, and will be on the 1st Thursday of each month, though we occasionally change this.
Occasionally more distant and sometimes linear walks are undertaken , using Taxi and public transport, though the length and difficulty will be similar