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Welcome to the WILD FLOWERS Group

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The Wild Flower Group
The group was formed in 2006 by a small number of members who had little knowledge of wild flowers and thought it would be fun to learn more.  The idea was to visit various locations in our region to identify and record the flowers found.  Sites visited have been between Aiguamols and Pals
We are a small group so the numbers attending vary as most of us are non residents. Meetings are monthly except during winter and July and August. Having arrived at the chosen location, each of us, armed with gloves and scissors, look for specimens that we think are new. Then, having retired to a friendly restaurant or one of our houses, the specimens are refreshed with water while we are doing the same with coffee.
Then the fun starts. We nearly all have different Field Guides and so frequently find that a flower has as many names as the members present!  Detailed debate discussing specific aspects of the specimen usually resolves the dispute.
From the beginning, we have recorded our work. This consist of a list of the flowers and, where possible, photographs. To date, we have identified over 150 different flowers and we continue to find ones that we have not seen before. Remembering their names is a different story but we all agree that our appreciation of what is there to be seen has grown.
 In the early days it was possible to send up-to-date records as e-mails. Now they are too large and so while they are revised on a regular basis, each year, an up-to-date version is loaded  into the Archive.
In addition to flowers, we are also interest in trees and fungi. A new interest has recently been adopted by the group – Foraging.  Where that will lead us, time will tell.
Anybody who enjoys gardening and being active in the open air would probably enjoy our group and be very welcome.
Shirley and Jack  Powley
Group Coordinators