Time - 11:00
Week - First
Day - Wednesday
Venue - Various
Group Coordinators
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There are currently no coordinators assigned to this group
There are currently no events scheduled for this group

Camera Art

The Camera Art group is aimed at members who have an interest in the art of photography and wish to develop as photographers.  Members can share their knowledge and learn from others.
It is not for U3A members who just happen to have a camera. If there is no interest in developing skills, then it is not for you!
We plan to have regular meetings at 11:00 on the first Wednesday of each month, or at time and day to be agreed; and either take photographs at different locations to be shared later or just discuss over coffee or tea various topics that may be causing some difficulty.
Bear in mind that it is your brilliant brain that is creative and not the camera - so it is the intention of the group to help develop the creative skills.
The camera you have is not important just the desire to become and think like a photographer.


Inaugural meeting:

If you would like to join this new group and would like to be invited to the inaugural meeting, please email David using the "email the organiser" link on this page.    The intention is to add some future plans for the group at this meeting, so that it meets the aspirations of members.




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