Time - 10:00
Week - First
Day - Tuesday
Venue - Various
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There are currently no events scheduled for this group
 General Information
There are several walking groups within U3A but none allow dogs except this one – which actively encourages them. The purpose of the group is for dog owners and dog lovers (you don’t necessarily need to own a dog) to walk their dogs in a group setting, allowing both dogs and humans to socialize and exercise at the same time.
We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month with a break during the hot months of July and August. We vary our start time to suit the temperature at the time of year.  Walk lengths vary but are generally between 1 and 2 hours with a coffee stop to rest dogs and people during the walk, if there is a dog friendly café en route. If not we have coffee at the end of the walk. Generally, walks are arranged in locations where it is safe to allow the dogs off-leash for most of the route.
All members of the group are expected to take responsibility for their own dogs, which includes clearing up after them and controlling them, both on and off leash. All dogs must be up to date with required vaccinations (once a year for Rabies and MH/L) and vaccination records must be presented on the initial walk and subsequently on vaccination renewal.
Recent walks have included the forests near Calonge, Callella, Palau Sator, Pals and Solius, the coastal walk from La Fosca to Platja Castel and we have also been to the doggie water park near Barcelona.
Group Members Group Members

Dog´s Name / Breed

Cooper, Cross, Sara & Paul Wilde
Dougal, Border Terrier, June & Stan Shimmin
Thea, Great Dane, Paul Schleicher & Paul Rowlerson
Ester, Tibetan Terrier, Tina Hjerpe
Layla, Pastor Catalan, Denise Haire
Naula, Golden Retriever, Eva Eriksson
Nelson, Tibetan Terrier, Tina Hjerpe
Phoebe, Cavapoo, Judith Coltman
 Oliver, Shi Tzu Diane Swinburn
Lulu, Scottish terrier, Alan &Anne Meade
Chica, Westie/Maltese cross, Mae Williams
Rio, German Shepherd, Alan Packman
Dizzy, Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Jackie and Hans
Bubble, Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Jackie and Hans
Pheobe, Jack Russell, Linda Sharp
Poppy, Black Labrador, Tracey and Graham Frost
Basil, Jack Russell, Linda Sharp
Rai, Schnoodle-schnauzer poodle cross, Janet Bevan
Alfie, Labrador, Wendy Berrill
Marley, Cross, Gill and Paul Spencer
Bella, Black Labrador, Gill and Paul Spencer

Walk schedule 2020




January 21

Suzie Kutas  cancelled due to weather

February 18

Sara and Paul Wilde Pals

March 17

Denise Haire and Rupert Pitt Covid

April 21

Tina Hjerpe


May 19

Gill and Paul Spencer Covid

June 16


July – No Walk



August – No Walk



September 15

Paul Rowlerson Santa Cristina

October 6

November 3



December 1


Please note that participation in all U3A events is at the participant's own risk, as we do not provide insurance for event participants.  We do have third party insurance cover in place which covers any claims made against us by others.
Please bring your Catsalut or EHIC card, and details of any private health insurance policy you may hold.
Walk schedule 2019

Organiser(s) Location
January 22 Eva/Tina Santa Cristina d’Aro
February 26 Stan/June Shimmin La Fosca/Castell circular
March 26 Susie Begur woods
April 23   cancelled due to weather
May 28 Gill and Paul Vall Llobrega
June 25 Paul and Paul Santa Cristina Golf Course
July – No Walk    
August – No Walk    
September 24 no walk cancelled due to no walk leader
October 22
Cancelled due to bad weather
November 26 June and Stan  Castell woods
December 24 - no walk  


Walk schedule 2018


Organiser(s) Location
January 23 June/Stan Shimmin La Fosca/Castell circular
February 27 Sara/Paul Wilde Mas Tomasi, Pals
March 27 Eva and Tina Casa Nova, Sant Feliu de Guixols
April 24 Jackie and Hans Calonge
May 22 Paul Rowlerson & Paul Schleicher Solius
June 26 June/Stan Shimmin Calonge vineyards
July – No Walk    
August – No Walk    
September 25 Alan/Anne Meade Tails on the Ter
October 23 Noel/Jacquie Tite Esclanya
November 27 Jackie Hibbard Castell beach
December 25 - no walk    

Walk Schedule 2017 

Date Organiser(s) Location
January 24 Paul Rowlerson / Paul Schleicher Solius
February 28 Joe Braden / Denise Haire La Fosca
March 28 Dennis Ham / Caroline Ham Peretalada
April 25 Sara Wilde / Paul Wilde Begur
May 23 Paul Rowlerson / Paul Schleicher Santa Cristina d'Aro
June 27 Maureen Nash Calonge
July – No Walk    
August – No Walk    
September 26 June/Stan Shimmin Castell
October 24 Tina and Eva Cap Roig
November 28 Alan Packman Calonge
December 26  Denise Begur
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