Time - 11:00
Week - Second
Day - Friday
Venue - Old Museum Torroella de Montgri
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There are currently no events scheduled for this group

U3A History Group
The History Group has flourished for some 14 years and has the good fortune to be able
to use a highly satisfactory room in the Old Museum of Torroella de Montgri
 for meetings
and discussions.

Our original studies and talks were based on Spanish history
but over the years we have widened our focus to include world events and
personalities that have altered and 
shaped our world. 
We have been careful not to have a rigid time frame so that 
who have missed a few sessions will not feel left out.

We meet before the History talks in the café in the Plaça de la Vila in Torroella
de Montgri at about 10 – 10.30 am and after having solved most of the world’s
problems we stroll down to Casa Pastors for 11 am.
Have a look at the programme below.  Any suggestions for topics of interest or
willingness to give a presentation will be most welcome.  Over the years we have
been incredibly
fortunate to listen to members who have had a special interest in a
topic and have beenable to pass on their enthusiasm and knowledge.

Why not come along?  Not one of us is  too old to stop learning.


Fri 08 Feb 19   Jeremy Rowe - History of the XXV Barcelona Olympics
Fri 08 Mar 19   Peter Steadman - Key decision points in Catalan history - a contrast of opposing views
Fri 12 Apr 19   Speaker wanted
Fri 10 May 19   Speaker wanted
Fri 14 Jun 19   Speaker wanted
Fri 13 Sep 19   Anton Holt - History of Iceland
Fri 11 Oct 19   Jeremy Rowe - the historical context of famous operas
Fri 08 Nov 19   Denise Fenn -  "The Doves of War".  Four women's roles in the Spanish Civil War. - two British
and two Spanish.
Fri 13 Dec 19  

Revelations from DNA and the Origin of the British People
This is the last in a series of seven presentations which have taken us from the birth of our
solar system, the origin of our oxygen-rich atmosphere, the evolution of life and of the species
Homo, our migration around the world, the three main migrations into Europe, and now, finally,
some intra-European migrations. In this final phase we will see how DNA studies have put paid
to more than one sacred cow, how certain national legends have been challenged by science,
and how the history books need to be rewritten on more than one key development, often with
significant social and political implications.

Fri 14 Feb 20   Speaker wanted
Fri 13 Mar 20   Speaker wanted
Fri 10 Apr 20   Speaker wanted
Fri 08 May 20   Possibly Gill Holt - nursing
Fri 12 Jun 20   Possibly Anton Holt - Numismatics
Fri 10 Jul 20   Speaker wanted
Fri 09 Oct 20   Speaker wanted
Fri 13 Nov 20   Speaker wanted
Fri 11 Dec 20   Speaker wanted


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