Card Games: CANASTA Group
Time - 15:00
Week - Weekly
Day - Thursday
Venue - Various
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There are currently no events scheduled for this group


This group has not met for the last 3 years as all the interested members except Ann had left the Costa Brava. Ann has now offered to restart the group.

Canasta is a fascinating game, come & join so you can play in a relaxed, friendly but competitive atmosphere. Don't worry if you have never played before. Its easy to learn.

If you are interested please contact Ann through the email facility at the top of this page.

CANASTA is a matching card game in which the object is to create melds of cards of the same rank and then go out by playing or discarding all the cards in your hand, the distinctive feature of CANASTA, as opposed to other Rummy games, is that making a seven card meld, called a CANASTA, gives the player a huge bonus, and the number of CANASTAS made usually decides the game. Another distinctive feature is that in CANASTA when a player picks up cards from the discard pile, the player picks up the entire pile, as opposed to only the top card in most other Rummy games.
If you have never played before, we will teach you.


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