Indoor Games: MAH JONG Group
Time - 14:30
Week - Weekly
Day - Monday
Venue - Various
Group Coordinators
First NameSurname
Mahjong25 Oct 202114:30

Venue: Members Houses

Mah Jong is an old Chinese table game invented many hundred of years ago. It is usually played with four people, although it is possible to play the game with 2 or 3 people. It is based on the four winds; East, South, West & North. It is an interesting and challenging game, with no two hands ever being the same. It is played with 144 tiles, divided between 3 suits, Bamboos, Circles and Characters with 36 tiles in each suit. There are 8 Flower and Season tiles and 28 Honour tiles.

The Mah Jong group, which at the present time has 16 members, meets every Monday afternoon from 2.30 to  5.30 p.m. We meet at the moment in my house in Begur, but often meet in other members houses. It is usually possible to play all the year round but we now do not play in July and August.

We are always keen to hear from any new members who wish to learn the game and enjoy an afternoon of fun!

"Please note that participation in all U3A events is at the participant's own risk, as we do not provide insurance for event participants.  We do have third party insurance cover in place which covers any claims made against us by others.
Please bring your Catsalut or EHIC card, and details of any private health insurance policy you may hold."

Elaine Kilvington

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