Time - 10:00
Week - Fourth
Day - Wednesday
Venue - Various
Group Coordinators
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There are currently no events scheduled for this group


The group meets monthly, on the fourth Wednesday, to explore towns, museums and areas of interest.

We co-ordinate the ideas and suggestions put forward by the members, who in turn, plan and organise the monthly events, including of course a menu del dia lunch!
Our events are usually restricted to 25 members, in line with other groups, which we feel to be a sufficient number to shepherd around towns, museums and for making reservations in restaurants, although there are times when we can take  more.
If you wish to join the group please contact Alan or Jenny Lister on 972 30 49 11 or Mob: 697 65 13 19 (Alan) or 600 873 166 (Jenny)

The calendar for 2020 is below. 

Date Organiser Event Location
22 January no volunteers no event
26 February Noel & Jaquie Tite Cava & Chocolate - Barcelona 
25 March June Shimmin Wine tasting, Vallobrega
22 April Alan & Jenny Lister Torres Bellesguard -  Barcelona
27 May Paul Rowlerson Castilla de Santa Florentina
24 June Mandi Turnidge Historical tour of Bellcaire
no event    
no event    
23 September Denise & Rupert Pitt Olive Processing and tasting 
28 October Peter & Diane Stedman Sant Pau and Volcanic Centre
25 November    
no event    
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