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1.The Group met for the first time on March 31st 2010. There was a consensus that a ‘modus operandi’ be produced which reflected the personal objectives of individual members.

2.The personal objectives fell into three main categories. 
                   a. Understanding the capabilities of the Digital 

                   b. Taking Better Photographs.

                   c. Interfacing with the Computer.                              

Conduct of Meetings

3.It  was agreed that the group would meet monthly. There needed to be a balance between theory and practical work.

4.The group would work as a self help group where the skills and knowledge of the individual members would be shared with the remainder of the group.

5.Every meeting would start with a ‘can you help me’ session lasting approximately 30 minutes chaired by the co-ordinators. Members could ask questions on any topic (ideally in advance). There will obviously be limits on the expertise of the group. If not able to respond to the query the aim would be at least to ‘point’ the individual in the right direction and identify where a solution may be found.

6.The remainder of the meeting would be based on 20-30 minute ‘cameo’ presentations on any photographic topic. The group would also seek to have external speakers.

7.It was not envisaged that the group would go on location in large numbers since the administration and logistics would be too time consuming.

8.Audio-visual aids plus access to the internet would enhance presentations and it would be necessary to have this facility always available at monthly meetings.

Practical Work

9.Individuals can obviously take photographs on their own between meetings. Members could also join together in small groups where there is a common interest i.e. landscape, buildings etc. The Group Co-ordinators could also provide subjects on a monthly basis then individuals could show their work at the following monthly meeting.

10.Part of the individual skill that should be developed is for members to objectively assess the work of other members. It is also important that group members develop ‘a critical eye’ when looking at photographs in newspapers, magazines and books. Do not just identify photographs that you like but ask yourself why you like them.

11.In 2010 there is an opportunity for members to take part in the monthly Catalonia Today Photography competition which identifies a different subject each month.

Sources of Reference

12. Members in the U3A Costa Brava do not have ready access to all the resources that are available in U.K. i.e.Libraries, books, magazines, camera clubs etc. However the internet has become in recent years an excellent source of information for the photographer.

13. Suggested Reference Books :

          For Beginners : Digital Photography-An Introduction by Tom Ang

          For the more Advanced : How to Photograph Absolutely Everything by Tom Ang.

          Both the above are available from

14.There are numerous photography books specialising in all areas of photography i.e. landscapes,portraits,travel etc

15.The group will endeavour to build up over time sources of reference that are appropriate and can be accessed by all members.

Areas of Specific Interest

16.There are many specific interest areas for the group to explore. Here are a few (in no particular order of priority). Members can make their own additions.

                             a. Picture Composition

                             b.Understanding Light

                             c.Printing and Storing Photos

                             d.History of Photography 

                             e.Image Manipulation



                             h.Close Up Photography

                             i.Travel Photography

                             j.Black and White Photography


                             l.Pin Hole Photography

How can you contribute?

17.As stated earlier we are a self help group and for the group to be a success we are dependent on all members making a contribution, large or small.

18. Over time we will seek to build up our own aide memoire of useful facts and information with all members contributing.