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Welcome to the DOG AGILITY Group

Group Coordinators



Second + FourthThursday10:00


There are currently no events scheduled for this group

General Information
The Dog Agility course has been set up in a safe enclosed environment at Elena's dog kennels in Regencos. We will meet on the 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month with a break during the hot months of July and August.
Tina will instruct both the dogs and handlers on the agility course. There is a beginners and experienced course set up at the kennels.
All members of the group are expected to take responsibility for their own dogs, which includes clearing up after them and controlling them, both on and off leash. All dogs must be up to date with required vaccinations (once a year for Rabies and MH/L) and vaccination records must be presented at the initial session and subsequently on vaccination renewal.

We will have coffee after our training session at the dog kennels. The cost for each session is 10€